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Classical Guitar by Oren Myers

Base price £4,500.00

Oren Myers


Alpine Spruce

We are very happy to announce the long-awaited replenishment in our collection, the arrival of a new guitar by Oren Myers. Mr Oren Myers is a classical guitar maker from England. His new instrument combines visual, tactile and acoustic excellence. Exquisitely made from finest samples of Alpine spruce, Indian rosewood (back and sides), Cedrela (neck) and Ebony (fretboard) this guitar won't leave any guitar player indifferent. 
It's a very comfortable, light, well balanced guitar, with very high sound quality. A depth of it's bass is absolutely remarkable. The guitar has a sweet treble, with the A,B and C notes, an absolute delight.The bass is rich and deep - it compliments, rather than overpowers, the softer trebles. The tap resonance of the guitar is around F# - and this ensures the depth and sonority of the bass E,F, F# and G's. 

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