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Pete Beer



Listen to the sound of this guitar:

Pete Beer says: ” There must be a thousand ways to make a guitar. I am very much a devotee of the solid topped, fan braced guitar. This deceptively simple system is capable of a whole world of tonal variation through careful distribution of stiffness and mass, control of neck angle (and thus bridge height), and to a lesser extent, the doming. The exact layout of the braces is, I believe, less important. It is the visible feature of a greater system. It can certainly make a difference, but less so than the other factors." 

All guitars of Pete Beer are French Polished, by hand, in the traditional way. It is time consuming and labour intensive but it is beautiful, kinder to the environment than spraying and the tonal qualities are second to none. His style of work could broadly be described as traditional. Hand tools, hide glue, and french polish more often give him the desired results than machinery or modern polymers do. The concert  guitar by Pete Beer is designed to fulfil the demands of the contemporary performer. As such it delivers good headroom, allows a full range of tonal and dynamic expression, has an even response,  and is easy to play.

The fine Spruce/East Indian Rosewood guitar by Pete Beer.

Lable: No 54, Pete Beer, Argyll Scotland

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