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We are happy to announce the arrival of the Selmer guitar soon. The instrument was made in 1947 and has Number 681. 

Absolutely playable original Selmer is extremely rare, so we are privileged to have such a remarkable guitar in our collection.
During the entire history of Selmer guitars, less than thousand instruments were made. Today the Selmer guitar is almost completely associated with the 'gypsy jazz' school; and the famed jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.
The Selmer is quite unusual-looking instrument, with a fairly large body and longitudinal oval sound hole. By far the most important element in a guitar's sound is the top. All Selmer models had solid French spruce tops. The number of surviving original Selmer guitars is not known exactly.
The worn fretboard and battered body of this unique guitar show the signs of a well-travelled Gypsy life.
Stay tuned.

We are very happy to announce the long-awaited replenishment in our collection, the arrival of a new guitar by Oren Myers. Mr Oren Myers is a classical guitar maker from England. His new instrument combines visual, tactile and acoustic excellence. Exquisitely made from finest samples of Alpine spruce, Indian rosewood (back and sides), Cedrela (neck) and Ebony (fretboard) this guitar won't leave any guitar player indifferent. 
It's a very comfortable, light, well balanced guitar, with very high sound quality. A depth of it's bass is absolutely remarkable. 
Please visit us to see it and play.

After having the new insrument of Oren Myers in our show room for a while now we can add some more details and characteristics of this instrument. 
The guitar has a sweet treble, with the A,B and C notes (fret 5, 7 and 8 on string 1), an absolute delight. The bass is rich and deep - it compliments, rather than overpowers, the softer trebles. The tap resonance of the guitar is around F# - and this ensures the depth and sonority of the bass E, F, F# and G's.
The guitar is an aesthetic delight - with a very gentle angle to the headstock, inspired by Picasso's painting "Woman With Yellow Hair" and a detailed rosette, inspired by a Greek Vase in the British Museum.
The guitar promises even more over the coming years, as it opens out.


We are happy to announce the arrival of three new concert guitars from our luthier Pete Beer.

The cedar table guitar has a Spanish warmth to the trebles - with some beautiful treble strings notes- frets 7,8,9 and 10 on string 1 are all exquisite, but the sweetest is the remarkable C Sharp on the fret 9 - this C Sharp is sweet throughout the guitar. It is the ideal guitar to compliment a South American and Spanish music repertoire.

The Pete Beer Spruce table guitar is well balanced throughout - the treble strings have a warm, sweet sound with a noticeably beautiful D on string 1 fret 10. The D frequencies stand out throughout the guitar - they have an extra sweetness. The bass projects well and compliments the trebles, rather than overwering them.
The spruce table of the guitar has some attractive "bear claw" in the wood and the guitar is immacilately finished with French polish.

The professional photos of these  three new instruments will appear shortly on our website.

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